Black New Year 2018 For Rivers People – Sampson Ngerebara Condemned The Killing In Onelga


The President General, Free Rivers, Engr. Sampson Ngerebara, has condemned the ungodly and unwholesome act, that greeted Rivers people on the eve of the new year celebration that led to the killing of over 20 persons returning from the cross over night at Onelga.

Black New Year 2018 For Rivers People - Sampson Ngerebara Condemned The Killing In Onelga

Ngerebara stressed that the lives of Rivers people does not mean anything to the Rivers State Government, hence this ungodly act which has the backing of Rivers State Government.

“This new year gift, is unwanted and uncalled for. This is not what we want at this material time. We have a government that has refused to protect lives and properties, which is the primary and only responsibility of a government. Why has militants and known gunmen taken over the affairs of the state? Why the daily killings without the intervention of our state government? Who will protect us from these known gunmen? Is Rivers State at the keg of gunpowder? I wonder who will save us from all these avoidable manmade acts that will soon send our dear Rivers State into extinction” Ngerebara stressed.

“The unwarranted killing at Onelga, when we are supposed to be rejoicing and praising God for his mercy, is far from what we want in Rivers State. Its been obvious, that the labours of our heroes past, is now in vain because we have a government that destroy its citizens”. Ngerebara stated.

The President General of Free Rivers, called on President Buhari to immediately declare A STATE OF EMERGENCY in Rivers State, if he still want a state like Rivers to exist. He said that the federal government can not continue to undermine the call for protection of lives and properties by Rivers people.

The President General, Free Rivers, sympathises with the families of all those who lost their loved ones in this ugly incident and urged them to be courageous as all hopes are not lost.

Ngerebara further call on all the security agencies, to immediately mobilise to Onelga so as to allay the fear and protect the remaining people of Onelga without delay.

The President General of Free Rivers, also advice the good people of Onelga not to take laws into their hands.