Tuesday , February 20 2018

How To Check If Your Site Is Banned From Google Adsense

Google Adsense. There are several website that claims to enable you check if a website is banned from google adsense but only few of them gives accurate result. Most of them out there don’t really give accurate result and thus makes you think a website that is banned is not.

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Most of us do engage in domain name flipping or expired domain name buying to set up a niche website for adsense but if you are not aware that such expired domain name you are about to purchase is banned from google adsense program, then you will have yourself to be blamed after purchasing it because adsense ads serving is disabled and you can’t do anything to reinstate it.

So with what am about to share on how to check if a website is banned from google adsense, then you can save yourself the stress and cash of buying a domain name that has been banned from google adsense program.

This is a handy tool and it gives accurate result. Out of most of the site i have checked, it gave accurate result for them all as some was disabled from serving adsense ads.

So before buying that expired domain name for your niche website, then use this site below to check if the domain name has been banned or disabled from adsense program.

How To Check If A Website Is Banned or Disabled From Adsense Program

1. Go to bannedadsense.com

2. You will see a box where you have to type in the site url.

3. Click on the Check Now Button. It will give you the result. If the domain name is ban from adsense, then you will see something like ” The website yourname.com is banned by Google Adsense”

But if its not banned from adsense, then you will see ” The website yourname.com is not banned by Google Adsense”


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