Saturday , February 17 2018

Music: Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie Planning To Get Married Soon

Rapper, Sarkodie has disclosed that getting married is top on his agenda after stating in an interview that he desires to settle down.

Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie
Ghanaian Rapper Sarkodie

Questions about who his main prospect in that regard would be shouldn’t be so hard to answer.

He has been known to be in a serious relationship with Tracy Ewuraama Addo and that has been on for a while.

Speaking in a chat with Dan Kwasi Prince of the Daily News Ghana , Sarkodie acknowledged a woman has a role in the success of a man while stating his readiness for marriage.

“They say behind every successful man comes a successful woman and I’m now at the point of my life when I’m ready to get married, and that is what I am looking for in a relationship because I feel the desire to settle down,” 

Sarkodie said.

The rapper dropped a dope track ‘Just incase’ » in January, a special number he dedicated to his love interest, Tracy.

It seems like there is a lot of positive vibe going on for this MC, but his female fans and I dare to say ‘groupies’ will feel distraught and somewhat muscled out as the race to win the rapper draws near.

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