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I Never Knew Nigerians Loves Me So Much – Efe Ejegba



Like a fairytale, Efe Ejegba’s wishes has come to pass as he has suddenly become the latest millionaire in town by winning the Big Brother Naija Reality show contest against all odds.

The 24 year old rapper and Payporte brand ambassador in his down to earth manner spoke to journalists about his experience and dreams.

How do you feel winning Big Brother Nigeria?

I feel blessed and I am full of gratitude to everyone who voted for me and supported me throughout my stay in the Big Brother Naija competition. I was simply living my life and having fun in the house. I was totally oblivious of the fact that I was receiving so much love outside of the house. I am happy winning but I feel that real success is measured by how many lives I can touch.

Do you think you did anything different that set you apart from your fellow contestants?

I really did things different. Everyone came to win but I was just myself while some came with strategies, which we got to find out later. I feel I represent the average Nigerian youth in the house.

How did it feel like to be locked up in a particular place for 78 days?

It was crazy but I was not worried because I was there for the money. I said if it was 90 days I didn’t care because I was out to win. They say we wouldn’t use our phones and I told them that they could even keep my phone for two years. I was never tired of staying in the BBNaija house.

How would you describe your experience in the house?

It’s funny that in a place where we expect a lot of immorality, I became more disciplined. I didn’t think I would ordinarily have fitted into the Big Brother House because I am not posh but I was proven wrong. When I got into the BBnaija house I realised that I was a bit different from other housemates. I was not just playing for the camera, so, when I was angry or happy I showed it. As time went by, I began believing that I would actually win the show.

How did you cope with your fellow housemates?

I learnt tolerance and learnt that some people may have great personalities but still exhibit some unacceptable behaviour. I learnt that I needed to compromise and relate with these set of people despite their flaws. I lived in a confined space and several people invaded my space. I couldn’t keep them aside because of certain things they did, so I looked beyond their flaws and embraced their positive side.

You were always placed on eviction every week?

I’m overwhelmed by this win because I grew up feeling like people didn’t love me and it turned out to be my strong point. I don’t try to be nice to people because I know what people think about me anyway. When I was in school, I was way ahead in class and people felt threatened by my young age. So, every week, I knew that I would be nominated for eviction and that was why I was ready to die just to win the head of house task. I didn’t believe in anyone winning the head of house task to save me aside from myself. So, when it came to those tasks I gave it my all.

Some people think that Tboss’ infamous chat with you in the BBNaija house counted against her. Recall her telling you that if she won the show, she would splash N25 million in a week. Your reaction was simply priceless?
I was stunned when she told me that she would finish N25 million in a week. I though within myself that, “Me I ready die put for N25m but you say you fit spend am in one week. So wetin you come they do for the house na? You dey block oda people space na.” The biggest irony of the house was that the younger ones knew how to manage their actions but the older ones just said it as it came.

What are your thoughts on the Kemen and the Tboss episode?

(Laughs) Based on logistics, my people say I no dey diplomatic so I won’t comment on the matter.

Your fans in Jos say you never recognised them while you were in the house?

I am very proud to be have been born and raised in Jos; we all know how Jos has blessed a lot of people in the Nigerian entertainment industry. I say it all the time that if I was born and raised in Warri, I won’t have been this disciplined. I spoke a lot of Pidgin English in the house but don’t be deceived I also speak English very well.

You have clearly become an overnight sensation. Have you been told that so many Nigerian celebrities threw their weight behind you while you were in the Big brother House?

Yes. I am so grateful to a lot of people including Governor Okowa of Delta State. I heard he threw his weight behind me. I was also told that comedian; I Go Dye dropped N1 million for my campaign team. When I called him, he ended my call and called me back. We spoke for hours. I am also grateful to Ali Baba, Akpororo and so many Nigerian celebrities whom I had never met but stood behind me. I hear my family house in Warri can now be likened to a tourist centre because of the number of people who have thronged our home to congratulate my parents.

Do you regret any of your actions in the house?

Taking of Alcohol Is The Only Regret I Have In BBNaija.  I heard my mum is upset with me. So, I apologise to her for drinking so much in the BBNaija house.

What will become of your affair with Mavis now that you are out of the Big Brother Naija house?

Based on logistics, what we had in the house was great, but she has a boyfriend. I was physically attracted to her and that was why I was close to her in the house.

Are you hooked?
No I am single.

But there is a picture of you and a certain lady in NYSC uniform making the round on social media. She is rumoured to be your fiancée?
No, it’s a photoshop (laughter)

Where will you be based now?
I relocated to Lagos in 2015. So, I will be based in Lagos.

Will you consider a career in comedy?
No, I’m not a comedian. My life may be funny but I don’t think my stories are funny.

So, what’s the next step for you?

It will be more about my music because music is my first love. I have realised that my brand is way bigger than music, so I will definitely explore different areas. If I receive any movie offer, the money must make sense. I don’t feel I know how to act and that was my biggest frustration in the Big Brother House.

How do you intend to give back to your immediate community?

I love getting involved in things/projects that I am emotionally attached to. Growing up, potable water was very difficult to come by so I plan to erect a manual borehole in my immediate community in Jos and in Warri. I also hope to assist as much people as I can in the entertainment industry.

Olamide tweeted that he will love to work on a music project with you.
I felt very grateful that Olamide Baddo reached out to me and promised to work with me. When I meet him, I will twale for him. Based on logistics, no be lie.

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