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JAMB 2018: Likely Questions With Answers In The Jamb Novel “In Dependence”

In this post is the likely questions with answers in the Jamb Novel “In Dependence“. Please carefully read through this page as it will guide you on how to answer the 2018 JAMB Novel “In Dependence” questions. The contents in this article are purely educational and suited for students preparing for the JAMB exams.

Jamb Novel In Dependence

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Below are some questions with answers in the Jamb Novel “In Dependence”

1. Tayo’s mother died on her way to____?
 2. where did ike work?
(a)In a bar
(b)in the ministry of education✔
(c)as a British council
(d)as a business man
 3. which word akin’s uncle have a penchant for?
(a)Come nearer
(b)you follow✔
(d)left out
 4. who told Tayo his mother was dead?
(a)His friend
 5. what game did akin’s uncle start with his friends?
 6.what is the name of akin’s uncle boss?
(a)John Lee
(c)Lord lugard✔

7.whom did Tayo think of whenever he was with Helene?
(d)his mother

*8* what was written on kemi’s snoopy night dress?
(a)Love is the whole world✔
(b)Rock my style
(c)Love my style love me
(d)kiss my ass

*9* where did ajayis always fly to for the summer holidays?
(b)Hong Kong

*10* in what year did uncle kayode get married to Helene?

*11* how old was Miriam’s pregnancy as at the time they visited the yelwa club?
(b)3 months
(c)5months ✔

*12* who called out on greetings as Tayo and his family entered the lounge in yelwa club?

*13* what was the name of Tayo’s daughter?

*14* who phoned Tayo last week to congratulate him on his manuscript?
(a)His friends
(b)his friends
(c)his colleagues
(d)his publisher’s✔

*15*what was the name of salamatou’s son?

*16*when was tayo’s family house normally quiet?
(a)Monday morning
(b)Friday morning
(c)Sunday morning✔
(d)Saturday evening

*17*what did Tayo and Vanessa order when they got to the restaurant in Lagos?
(a)Rice and beans
(b)Rice and stew
(c)Rice and plantains✔

*18*what was the name of Tayo’s neighborhood drunk in his home town in ibadan?

*19*who was the most successful trader along the west African coast?.
(a)Tayo’s Auntie
(b)Tayo’s mother✔
(c)Tayo’s sister
(d)Tayo’s mother in Law

*20* what was the name of Oxford finest hotel?
(a)Royal Hotel
(b)The Randolph Hotel✔
(c)Super motion hotel
(d)Oxford Hotel and suit

*21* what was the name of Yusuf’s current girlfriend?

*22* What did tunde refuse to have at the party in his house?
(a)wordly music

*23*Tunde’s room was designed to be what?
(b)A lounge✔
(c)a slf con
(d)a mansion

*24*The name of Tayo’s cousin was?

*25*where did Tayo accompany tunde to?
(a)The club
(b)the bakery✔
(c)the restaurant
(d)Vanessa’s house

*26*where was Yusuf working at?
(a)The bakery
(b)At the clinic
(c)At the hospital✔
(d)At the bank

*27*what did Tayo aspire to be in the future!
(a)A teacher✔
(b)an accountant
(c)a drunk
(d)an entrepreneur

*28*what is the name of Vanessa’s father!

*29*who drove to fetch uncle tony from station when he arrived France?.

*30*who was never asking but announcing?
(a)Nancy Mordovia
(b)Nancy Morx
(c)Nancy mordoch✔
(d)Nancy Bradford

Answers the below questions drop your answers in the comment box let see how prepare you are.

1. Modupe and Tayo always visit where at dark hours
A. Lebanese Cinema
B. Hill’s Club
C. Auvergne’s Theatre
D. Las Palmas de Club

2. “Here is some money for the ladies”; The speaker here is
A. Uncle Kayode
B. Yusuf(Tayo’s friend)
C. Mr. Adeniyi Ajayi
D. Uncle B
3. It was said in the letter written to Inspector Adeniyi Ajayi,
that Tayo met King Olav’s son from ________
A. South Africa
B. London
C. Norway
D. Brazil
4. Mr. Ike Nwandi, studies _______ abroad
A. Latin
B. History
C. Law
D. Modern Languages
5. What was Uncle Kayode’s job rank before his return from
A. FBI agent
B. Lieutenant
C. Senior Army Officer
D. Superintendent
No option for the following
6. A simile embroidered to qualify Mr. Ajayi’s silver car was
7. Before Tayo’s travel, He presumed that Uncle Bola held
8. In the last sentence of Mr. Ajayi’s letter to his son was their
family’s motto which states
9.who told vanessa that tayo and christine are lovers.
10.yusuf married who
11.where did tunde lived
13.the first three Nigeria students tayo are.
14.who Introduce tayo to pro edward barker and his wife.
15. What is the name of tayo scout.
16.mrs baker preferred to be called what.
17.who named vanessa moremi
18.simon girl friend name his
19.why did christine broke up with tayo.
20.When Tayo discovered that something was going on between Christine and Ike, He was _________
(a) Indifferent (b) jealous and was  no longer himself (c) deeply sorrowful (d) very angry with Ike and would harm him
21. Who did tayo feel indebted to for the scholarship
A) head master faircliff b) Mrs burton c) mr baker d) me Richardson of tayo’s sis that worked as an accountant
A. Bayo
B. Bisi
C. Remi
D. Bola
23.Tayo was honoured with a doctorate degree in….?
a) literature b) Litteris c) Literary many people received  honorary degree along with tayo.
——— many people received an honorary degree in Doctorates of civil war.
———more loading
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