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Medical Fitness: Some Important Health Tips You Must Know



Check out these amazing health tips and advice that are sure to help you be a healthier and more vibrant you. Make it a lifestyle, not a duty.

Health Tips

Health Tips

Genotype And It’s Appropriate Suitor:

AA + AA  =    Excellent
AA + AS   =    Good
AA + SS    =    Fair
AS + AS    =    Bad
AS + SS     =    Very Bad
SS + SS      =    Extremely Bad (In fact, don’t try it)


120/80  —   Normal
130/85  —   Normal (Control)
140/90  —   High
150/95  —   V.High


72 per minute (standard)
60 — 80 p.m. (Normal)
40 — 180 p.m.(abnormal)


98.4 F  (Normal)
99.0 F  Above (Fever)


SickleCell Awareness


What’s Your Type and how common is it?

O+ 1 in 3 37.4%
(Most common)

A+ 1 in 3 35.7%

B+ 1 in 12 8.5%

AB+ 1 in 29 3.4%

O- 1 in 15 6.6%

A- 1 in 16 6.3%

B- 1 in 67 1.5%

AB- 1 in 167 .6%

Compatible Blood Types

O- can receive O-

O+ can receive O+, O-

A- can receive A-, O-

A+ can receive A+, A-, O+, O-

B- can receive B-, O-

B+ can receive B+, B-, O+, O-

AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-

AB+ can receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+, A-, O+, O-

We Know Water is
important but never
knew about the
Special Times one
has to drink it.. !

Did you ?

Drinking Water at the
Right Time
Maximizes its
effectiveness on the
Human Body;

One Glass of Water after waking up helps to activate internal organs.

One Glass of Water
30 Minutes
before a Meal –
helps digestion..

One Glass of Water
before taking a
Bath – helps
lower your blood

One Glass of Water
before going to
Bed – avoids
Stroke or Heart

This is an important information which can save a life! A life could be saved…
What is ur blood group ?
Also do well to share the fantastic information to friends and family members. It is said that he that is not informed is deformed.

Educate your younger ones and those who need your advice on medical issues.

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