Monday , May 21 2018

Music: Nigerian Singer Skales Got Himself a Range Rover for his 26th birthday

The music star (Skales) has decided to spoil himself for all his hard work over the years.


He shared a shot of his new whip writing “Its been blessings upon blessings I have worked really hard over the years and to celebrate my day; I think I deserve to spoil myself he said.

Meet my new baby; the latest addition to my toys.

Meanwhile, in celebration of his day he wrote a note to himself.

Today, I’m a year older… I have a whole lot of things to be grateful for. One of them being God’s mercy upon me.

I came to Lagos with nothing but my goal and aspirations – and now; at this point of my career, I just want to give thanks to the Lord for elevating me to the zenith of my career.

Best believe, you can break boundaries if you remain steadfast in your goals – take it from me.”

‘I’ve had to deny my mother before’ – Says Singer

According to him, he used to sleep in a shopping complex with his mother and has had to deny her several times in the past.

My father left us when I was really young. I do not even know how he looks like.

My mother and I used to sleep in a shopping complex at a time. I am talking about during my primary and secondary school days in Kaduna.

Then, the only hope for me was music. At some point, I told my mother I wanted to work and support her.

I was chased out of school because I did not pay school fees. I had to steal school uniform because mine was bad and I would tell my mother I saved money for it.”

Also, my mother would go to my friends’ houses to do their laundry, which was embarrassing to me.

I had to deny my mother. I also did not let my friends know where I lived because most of them were children of politicians.” Adding, “When I told my mother I was moving to Lagos, she asked me to finish my university education in Kaduna. But I convinced her I could cope.

From Kaduna to Lagos, I got a free ride and the first place I stayed was Orile (Lagos). I lied to the person that gave me free ride that I would stay with him for a couple of days and it turned to months.

He later started a label with some friends; they knew some people but it was not easy.

The ‘Temper’ singer is currently on a roll. Back in December last year he showed off a home recently completed for his mother.

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