Tuesday , May 22 2018

REVOLVER ZONE: How to Create Account | Login and How it Works via Revolverzone.com

Don’t worry, I will tell you the secret.

 If you have been waiting for that peer to peer funding site that will change the game and would show so much sincerity and transparency. Then, you are at the right place.

Yes, The secret is REVOLVER ZONE

Guess what? It’s LAUNCHING SOON

This scheme is unique in the history of peer to peer financial donation network. Wow… It promises 100% ROI (Return On Investment) on every amount of help provided within a stipulated time


  • 5k to get 10k
  • 10k to get 20k
  • 20k to get 40k
  • 50k to get 100k

Hmmm…. this is sweet
Zero tolerance for recession

Amazing Features
* Security
* Dedicated Server
* Active Support
* Quick Auto Pairing
* Recycling Policy

What Distinguishes RZ from others

  • Honesty: As we all know, honesty is an important value because it contributes to a positive mindset. In the past few weeks, sincere Rzoners would agree that we potray this quality.
  • Transparency: Revolver zone is and will always be transparent with her participants because she believes when leaders are transparent, problems are solved faster.
  • Equity: Inequality is a great problem because it breeds division. In RZ, equity is our watchword.

What are you waiting for?? Join the moving train of Revolver zone and stop being oppressed by the oppressors (Scammers). Have you forgotten that Freedom is not voluntarily given by the oppressors; it is demanded by the oppressed.


Demand Freedom from scammers by clicking the link below

Click Here to Register

How Revolver Zone

1. Click Here to Register
2. At the homepage, click on register.
3. Enter Your details (Full Name, Email and Password).
4. A mail will be sent to your email address for verification.
5. Click on the verification link from your email.
6. Log in with the details you created in step 3
7. On your personal office, click on the plus (+sign) at the top right corner to add your phone numbers and bank details in the following order – :: Bank name: Account Number: Account Name.
8. Then click update.
9. After this is done you may now PH from any of our packages 5k, 10k, 20k or 50k
10. Please note Recycling is a must as all dormant account within the next 24hrs will be deleted.

Www.Revolverzone.com  has come to stay and to change our lives.

You can also Join our Social Media Groups to get more updates…

Join Our Telegram Group

Twitter: @RevolverZone

Instagram: @RevolverZone


The telegram group is strictly for testimonies and not for complains. When the site launches and you want to lay a complain about anything, there is a support button on the site at the bottom where you can send your complains to. All complains sent in the telegram group will be deleted and not attended to. The telegram group is for alerts and testimonies and to welcome newbies to RZ. Be guarded please. An official launch time will be announced Soon, so stay tuned RZoners.

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