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Twinkas Latest: Main Reason Why You Should Join Twinkas

After loosing millions to other platforms, Twinkas came with a magical plan in December. People went in and it was so smooth.

Twinkas Latest
Twinkas Latest

People did Classic, Professional, Premium and Ultimate. People were smiling to the bank. Some people who did the Classic to test it saw it was working and abandoned it for the higher packages especially the Ultimate. We can recall when the Professional was paying in 4 hours. Nobody was complaining. We all needed quick money and it went well.
The Ultimate was on cruise control, full acceleration. The remaining Classic members started complaining. I remember around December when people were finding it difficult to log in because of hackers and low server capacity. People complained and Twinkas did their magic and people scaled through.Nobody asked Twinkas how they raised money to start hosting in bigger servers. Everyone was happy.

Complain from the Classic members (out of love, pity and sympathy) made Twinkas to make a wrong move (which we “Twinkas” accept) by linking up the Ultimate and Classic package together. They wouldn’t have done that if they did not want to carry everybody along.

“Twinkas went into a mini pause mode (Slow Registration). People forgot the good old days and started calling them thieves. They came up with 100k to boost others. They declared bonus on Classic to give 30k units. People stopped complaining. Twinkas thinking the system is stabilized made a wrong move again by stopping the one week bonanza and just like that it quenched.

Now everyone is calling them thieves. I refuse to join that chorus because Twinkas has made so many people smile. I stand with them. Many Ponzi trooped out and duped many of us. The little money we made from Twinkas, we lost to others and now we are impatient. ” – As Sean Posted.

We have made so many mistakes and we accept because we are humans. Even our programs make mistakes too but there are some things we do not understand about some of your claims in Nigeria. First of all, did we place a barrier on the Classic, Professional and Premium package? Why did people stop registering on those packages? Did we stop them from registering too? Or we diverted the money to our accounts too? Don’t you know the difference between a fake and real website? We have only one website but many of you have fallen victim to scammers because you want to bye-cut Twinkas procedures and in the process loosing your money and account. All the blame still falls on Twinkas.

We placed numbers that should call you in the name of Twinkas to solve your problem but still other numbers call and scam you. Why? You said that the mobile numbers are not going through but that does not mean the numbers cannot make calls. Why will an Unknown number call you in the name of Twinkas and you will believe them?
Why do people just choose to upload fake Proof of payment all in the name of spoiling Twinkas? You will think that the numbers are rising but some of them are scammers. Why can’t you be honest to yourselves? We know that it is not easy for you but instead of Scamming people, why cant you work hard?

Many of you have benefited from Twinkas so many times and we have seen the testimony. Just because we have been blasted by media and other failed platforms, you have lost faith and trust. Instead of keeping mute, you join them to call us scammers and thieves. If we are scammers and thieves, do you think we will be tweaking our program daily to your needs? Every policy is controlled by a program. This is to show that we work day and night. If we are scammers, then what of the people that have collected full payment and have refused to compensate the system with the profit? What do you call them? Master minds and smart people?

We have gone on several maintenance and came back. Now we do the maintenance on the go without logging you out. That shows that we are professionals. Only few schemes can go on upgrade due to your demands. We have been changing rules and policies to suite your complaints. Is it that you cannot stop complaining and look for solutions? Nobody is to be blamed if anything goes wrong. You say your Whatsapp and Facebook admins have collected your money. One of the Ambassadors keeps sending mails on their behalf. So far, we have given a few of them only 500, 000 units as compensation. We don’t know the rest of the admins and we are sorry about that. We sometimes imagine how they continue to work for Twinkas tirelessly without payment. Have you ever sent them credit card for the calls they make? If they have collected money and merged themselves, how many of you have paid to your Whatsapp/Facebook admins? We hear most of the comments on your Whatsapp groups. We can’t attend to some of them because a severe alteration of the program can cause it to crash.
Some of you have lost your login details. You do not remember your email addresses and password thereby giving some of your whatsapp/facebook admins and down-lines headache. We can admit that Twinkas has been fun anyway. So many celebration, quarrel, sponsor and down-line saga but still we are alive to read this.

What is the Truth?
If new members register, old members will get paid. We have made the portal open by creating a page for you so that you can monitor the payment progress yourselves and still you do not believe. Should we give you the admin portal before you will believe us? A typical example was that of the Classic package where some of them have forgotten their login details because they taught their money is lost. We forced you to pay the classic members before getting paid in the Ultimate (It was a mistake and we accept. We apologize.) and it failed but we lured you there to get unit before joining the Veteran and some of you registered up to 5 accounts unconsciously in order to get units. As you registered there, people were paid.

You made them smile once again. How many of you have given a beggar on the street a thousand Naira out of Charity? Slow payment is not caused by Twinkas. It’s caused by low Influx of members. If 2 persons register, only 1 person gets paid. How many persons have you brought in lately?

We are Proud and Happy that we are modeled by other upcoming schemes. They have copied our designs and Vocabularies. We are one of the first to install SSL certificates and others followed.

Twinkas will not crash, it will not die. We will fight scammers and negative testimonies to the end. No money is lost on Twinkas.

We will do everything humanly possible to restore Twinkas. With God/Allah, we will succeed. Stop the complain and look for a solution. Kill the greed to make quick money. If you tell people not to register that because you have not been paid, who will then register to pay you? We only have an account for collecting units which is and it is not active on Twinkas for collecting Payment. You are entitled to your opinions anyway.

We were not talking money that is why we weren’t brief. But remember, if you ain’t talking money, please be brief. We know that you are scared again thinking that Twinkas have crashed. Please click on “I have seen and read this notice” to continue.

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